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Glacier Bay Alaskan Adventure

7 Days • August 17-24, 2024
Explore the majestic Glacier Bay on this Alaskan adventure with instructors Michele Everts, Gail Garber, Rita Lynne and Chardel Blaine.

Quilting Instructors

You have an outstanding opportunity to spend 7 days with 4 extraordinary teachers aboard Holland America Line’s Eurodam. This fantastic group was chosen because they are all exceptional instructors who are friendly, fun-loving and warm. All are internationally known for the books they have published and their exceptional teaching skills.

Michele Everts

Michele Everts

Instructor: Glacier Bay Alaskan Adventure

Fort Laramie, WY • www.PTPQuilting.com

Michele is a Judy Niemeyer Certified Instructor from Fort Laramie, a small town in Eastern Wyoming.

Her quilting journey began when her son was born. She had an overwhelming desire to make something for him that he could treasure his entire life. After that first quilt, she was hooked and has been quilting ever since. Michele is constantly striving to continue learning and perfecting her skills.

Upon seeing her first “Judy” quilt, she was eager to learn to create such an intricate design. When she took her first Judy class, she was impressed by the organization of the process and accuracy of the finished product. Judy’s process takes what looks like an extremely complicated quilt and breaks it down into a set of easily taught techniques that give highly accurate results. Michele has now completed over 40 Judy quilts, with several more in process.

Michele has always enjoyed helping others, and teaching quilting allows her to incorporate two things she loves to do. She continually strives to connect with each student and gives them personal attention. Her goal is for each student to feel at ease and enjoy the process. She possess’ a positive, upbeat attitude and brings that energy into the classroom. Asking questions is how we learn, so she never tires of student’s questions. Helping others achieve their goals is a top priority for her. Each student comes with a different vision for their project. From choosing a pattern, color selection, piecing and assembly, she is excited to help students with each step of their journey. The greatest joy for her as a quilting instructor is to see the smile on the faces of her students when they have completed their projects and realize what they have accomplished.

Gail Garber

Gail Garber

Instructor: Glacier Bay Alaskan Adventure

Rio Rancho, NM • www.GailGarber.com

Bold, colorful, and stunning geometric designs with flying geese galore – that’s how you know you’re looking at one of Gail’s quilts!

Her style has become immediately recognizable because of her talent for combining vivid colors with intricate piecework. Gail’s geometric star quilts and pictorial quilts have won awards at shows throughout the U.S. and have been featured in publications worldwide.

Students love her ability to make these designs achievable even for novice quilt designers. Today, Gail lectures and conducts workshops to quilters throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Her classes for novices include instruction in color and composition, introduction to freezer paper foundation piecing, and drafting, drawing and design. For the experienced quilter, Gail’s classes in design are popular wherever she travels. She also leads tours for quilters and birdwatchers to exciting “off-the-beaten-path” locations.

Rita Lynne

Rita Lynne

Instructor: Glacier Bay Alaskan Adventure

Littleton, CO • www.RitaLynneStudio.com

Rita is a nationally known instructor who has been designing and teaching her unique fiber art forms for over 20 years.

Rita owns and operates her online shop, Rita Lynne Studio, as well as The Open Circle, where she teaches art quilting techniques including her art vessels, floating art quilts and 3-dimensional floral art quilts.

Her passion is teaching others to discover the artist within and express their individual talents with fabric. “I love watching each person in my classes trust their ability to create beautiful art with simple and easy techniques. Each personal transformation is a gift to me and the student.”

She designs for Fairfield World, Krenik Thread and Shannon Fabrics. Bernina selected Rita to be one of two art quilters displaying their patterns in Bernina stores across the US.

Rita has authored several books and eBooks. Her scholarly books are still used for master’s degree programs in Financial Fredd for Women, Natural Nutrition, Holistic Health and other related topics. Her art books include Texture Magic and Essential for Art Quilting eBook.

She owns a home care agency in Denver, CO serving the elderly population with at home health care. Next to the passion of teaching art quilts and fiber arts, helping the elderly for over 20 years has been extremely rewarding for her.

Chardel Blaine

Chardel Blaine

Instructor: Glacier Bay Alaskan Adventure

Woodinville, WA • www.FlyingGoatStudio.com

Chardel Blaine is an award-winning quilter, beader and metalsmith whose work has been juried into numerous Pacific Northwest events.

Nationally, her work has been juried and displayed at the Nassau County Museum of Art Craft and Fine Arts Fair (Roslyn Harbor NY), produced by the American Concern for Art and Craftsmanship; Uncommon Threads Art-to-Wear Show, Fine Line Creative Arts Center (St. Charles, IL); and in “Multiplicities: New Directions in Fiber”, IMAGO Foundation for the Arts, IMAGO Gallery (Warren, RI).

Blessed with parents who valued creative and independent thinking, there was always some sort of creative experience around the house. Most were done at the kitchen table or in the basement workshop with supplies that Mom and Dad brought in with care and sacrifice. Chardel’s mother and grandmother taught her to sew, and her father taught her to saw a shape and pound a nail. Her favorite projects involved designing components that fit, then measuring twice and cutting once to ensure that they did. She has learned how color, texture and unique materials embrace the “what-ifs” and happy accidents that occur when one has backed into an artistic corner and must find a creative means of escape.

Chardel managed and taught at a local quilt shop and bead store for 15 years, exposing her to the latest techniques and materials and feeding the creative beast. Fiber art and jewelry, often combining the two, became Flying Goat Studio where she shares her work. And as editor of Create Whimsy, she shares the stories of renowned artists and makers who inspire creatives to get their hands busy every day.

Needle and thread consistently bring her joy. She still gets a rush when she turns on a power tool – and that includes a sewing machine!