Quilting Instructors

You have an outstanding opportunity to spend 7 days with three extraordinary teachers aboard Holland America Line’s Koningsdam. They chosen because they are all exceptional instructors who are friendly, fun-loving and warm. All are internationally known for the books they have published and their exceptional teaching skills.

Chardel Blaine

Woodinville, WA • www.flyinggoatstudio.com

Chardel Blaine is an award-winning quilter, beader and metalsmith whose work has been juried into numerous Pacific Northwest events. Nationally, her work has been juried and displayed at the Nassau County Museum of Art Craft and Fine Arts Fair (Roslyn Harbor NY), produced by the American Concern for Art and Craftsmanship; Uncommon Threads Art-to-Wear Show, Fine Line Creative Arts Center (St. Charles, IL); and in “Multiplicities: New Directions in Fiber”, IMAGO Foundation for the Arts, IMAGO Gallery (Warren, RI).

Blessed with parents who valued creative and independent thinking, there was always some sort of creative experience around the house.

Most were done at the kitchen table or in the basement workshop with supplies that Mom and Dad brought in with care and sacrifice. Chardel’s mother and grandmother taught her to sew, and her father taught her to saw a shape and pound a nail. Her favorite projects involved designing components that fit, then measuring twice and cutting once to ensure that they did. She has learned how color, texture and unique materials embrace the “what-ifs” and happy accidents that occur when one has backed into an artistic corner and must find a creative means of escape.

Chardel managed and taught at a local quilt shop and bead store for 15 years, exposing her to the latest techniques and materials and feeding the creative beast. Fiber art and jewelry, often combining the two, became Flying Goat Studio where she shares her work. And as editor of Create Whimsy, she shares the stories of renowned artists and makers who inspire creatives to get their hands busy every day. Needle and thread consistently bring her joy. She still gets a rush when she turns on a power tool – and that includes a sewing machine!

Christina Fairley Erickson

Bellevue, WA • www.fiberartistjourney.com

Christina has been working professionally in sewing, quilting and textile artistry since she was 14 years old. She has exhibited her work extensively, both in the U.S. and internationally, winning numerous awards. She is a juried member of “Fiber Forum” the Art Embroidery small group of the Embroiderer’s Guild of America as well as a juried member of “S.E.W.” (Society of Embroidered Work), an international group which promotes embroidery as artwork.

She has earned a certificate in Advanced Experimental Stitch from the Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts and is currently finishing up her Degree in Research for Advanced Design.

She was also a featured artist in Jane Dunnewold’s “Botanical Printmaking” book in 2019. An avid traveler and photographer, she frequently brings her photos into her quilts and fiber art pieces. Many of her travels include exploring the textile traditions and meeting contemporary textile artists in the areas she visits.

As a college professor teaching surface design, she has expertise enhancing fabrics including dyeing, painting, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, collage, beading, natural dyeing and printing, block printing and anything you can imagine to make the surface of fabric unique. Her hands-on individual mentoring style helps students develop their pieces to reflect themselves and their experiences. Christina is passionate about life-long learning, textiles, animals, and being part of a community of women who love to create!

Ana Buzzalino

Calgary, AB • www.AnaBuzzalino.com

Ana Buzzalino grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where sewing was part of her life at an early age. She took dressmaking classes and art classes while in school. In early 1983, Ana moved to Calgary. A couple of years later, while walking down the street, she saw a “blanket” on a window and went into the store to enquire about purchasing it. She was told that it wasn’t for sale, but that she could learn how to make her own. She signed up for a beginner’s quilting class that same day, and she never looked back. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ana has been teaching quilting since 1986 and has taken numerous workshops with renowned quilt and fiber artists throughout the years to improve her skills. She has also attended several classes at the Alberta College of Arts and Design.

Ana has been a teacher on a variety of quilting techniques for the past 30 years. Ana’s present focus is on Art Quilting, incorporating different elements of surface design, such as fabric painting, mono-printing, screen printing and hand-dyeing. Ana is a frequent contributor to Quilting Arts Magazine and Quilting Arts TV. Her work has also appeared in the American Quilter’s Society Magazine, in A Needle Pulling Thread, and in Modern Patchwork, as well as in 101 Patchwork Projects and Quilts and Quilt Scene. Ana has also worked on 2 workshop DVDs with Interweave/F&W. Ana’s quilts have won several awards at local and national shows, and have been juried into major International shows.