Best of Western Europe Quilt Seminar at Sea

12 Days • June 20 – July 2, 2020
Visit Western Europe's best ports with fellow quilters and exceptional instructors Paula Nadelstern, Kathy McNeil, Rosa Rojas and Olga Gonzalez.
2020 Best of Western Europe Quilt Cruise

Quilting Instructors

You have an outstanding opportunity to spend 12 days with four extraordinary teachers aboard Holland America Line's ms Zuiderdam. This fantastic group was chosen because they are all exceptional instructors who are friendly, fun-loving and warm. All are internationally known for the books they have published and their exceptional teaching skills.

Paula Nadelstern Bronx, NY •

Paula NadelsternPaula Nadelstern's award-winning quilts have been exhibited internationally, in solo exhibits mounted at The American Folk Art Museum in NYC (April-Sept 09), The Museum of the American Quilters Society, Houston International Quilt Festival, in New York City and Japan, on television shows and online websites, and in books and magazines. Her work was included in the Twentieth Century's 100 Best American Quilts, a prestigious exhibit mounted for the millennium. Paula is the author of Paula Nadelstern's Kaleidoscope Quilts, Puzzle Quilts: Simple Blocks, Complex Fabric, Kaleidoscopes & Quilts and Snowflakes & Quilts. She was a recipient of fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts in 1995 and 2001, and from The Bronx Council on the Arts in 1996. Paula designs textile prints exclusively for Benartex, Inc. and travels extensively teaching her unique kaleidoscopic quiltmaking techniques.

Kathy McNeil Marysville, WA •

Kathy McNeilKathy is a quilt artist, teacher, judge and designer who is passionate about the health benefits of creativity. A registered nurse for 35 years, events from her life inspire her pictorial quilted paintings. Kathy loves traveling and teaching nationally about the creative process.

Her quilts have been featured in museums, magazines, calendars and the AQS website. Four of the country's top Quilt Museum's have exhibited her work in solo shows. Many of her quilts are in private collections. Kathy feels that Quilts have been the medium for many centuries and in many cultures for women to express their own artistic vision, to give their life color, to make political or social statements, and to preserve family stories. Her work is energized and inspired by this rich tradition. She combines the elements of painting with the tactile and emotional response we all have to fabric.

Rosa Rojas & Olga Gonzalez Barcelona, Spain •

Frieda AndersonOlga Gonzalez-Angulo, born in a village close to Barcelona and Rosa Rojas, born in Castelldefels, left their former business life behind to introduce this new appliqué technique using the tools developed by Rosa Rojas –The APLIQUICK– to the quilting world. Olga, biologist dedicated to research in human genetical diseases, discovered the world of quilting and got fascinated. She won various national and international awards such as the Best of Show 2010 at the European meeting of Patchwork in France, with "trencadissa", Art Quilts winner 2012 at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England, with "Silences", First Place in the Art-People, Portraits, and Figures categories 2016 at IQA with "I…Reflection Of Life", Best Stationary Machine Workmanship Award 2017 at AQS with "Captivated By Nature", Master Award for Innovative Artistry 2017 at IQA with the same quilt "Captivated by Nature" and 1st Place: Human Image 2018 at Road to California Quilters’Conference And Showcase. Her quilt "Sa Conca" is part of SAQA’s itinerary show, H2Oh! She started her new life adventure by opening a Quilting shop running classes in Irona, where she met Rosa Rojas. Rosa was dedicated to Business Management. Patchwork was her hobby and she was working on a new appliqué technique. Our adventure with APLIQUICK started in 2012. We founded our international company, APLIQUICK, to introduce our new appliqué tools and technique to the whole quilting world. Rosa Rojas offers national and international classes to teach this new innovative appliqué technique to get perfect appliqués. We are investigating new tools and new methods to reach excellence in the appliqué world. It is a fascinating world for us, and we will keep up investigating and working towards perfection and teaching the results of our progresses to all quilters.