Best of Western Europe Quilt Seminar at Sea

12 Days • June 20 – July 2, 2020
Visit Western Europe's best ports with fellow quilters and exceptional instructors Paula Nadelstern, Kathy McNeil, Rosa Rojas and Olga Gonzalez.
2020 Best of Western Europe Quilt Cruise

Quilting Classes

Please read the class descriptions below. You will be assured of being placed in three full day classes. Class assignments and supply lists will be mailed to you along with your notice for final payment 90 days prior to departure. Classes are open to all levels of ability, unless otherwise stated in the description.

Sunday, June 21, 2020 9:00 am - 3:30 pm; Lunch Break from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Class Title Instructor
Simple Symmetry Paula Nadelstern

Simple SymmetryThe distinctive charm of Simple Symmetry is based on a simple fact: one single fabric is responsible for all of the elaborate patterns in one quilt. Learn how to use one single template and one symmetrical, intricately patterned fabric to achieve a complex quilt filled with dramatic impact. You'll feel like you're making magic with fabric when motifs connect to their mirror images, creating effects more wonderful than you imagined.

Skill level: All levels.

Galo De Barcelo Kathy McNeil

Galo De BarceloThe Galo de Barcelos is a national symbol of Portugal that represents honesty, trust, integrity, and honor. It is thought to bring good luck. Our lucky Rooster will be made as a unit ready to be placed on the background of your choice. Your kit comes with plenty of decorative pre-fused fabrics, beads, and embroidery floss to personalize your rooster!

We will use the "Apliquick method" of turned edge appliqué to turn the body of our bird.  It is fast,  precise and, because we leave the interfacing in place, your Rooster will have lots of dimension. The interfacing acts as a stabilizer, so beading and embroidery stitches are easy to add to this unit before it is placed on the background. Many of the template shapes are cut out with the seam allowance ready to turn your edges Plan to get the body of your Rooster done in class, with some decorating. Complete your unique Rooster in open sew.

Steam a seam is provided to Fuse those tiny decorative dots and hearts in place.

Skill level: All levels.

Apliquick Technique Rosa Rojas & Olga Gonzalez

Apliquick TechniqueJoin Rosa and Olga as you learn their signature technique! Apliquick gives you the tools and techniques to master all types of applique. This class starts with "Billy" and it's easy dimensions, for you to get acquainted with the tools.-the Apliquicks-and finishes with a perfect miniature and flawless control of the tools. After this class, you will be able to address any kind of applique, with any shape or dimension! A kit will be available for this class.

Skill level: All levels.

Saturday, June 27, 2020 9:00 am - 3:30 pm; Lunch Break from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Class Title Instructor
Opulent Ornaments Paula Nadelstern

Opulent OrnamentsGet in touch with your inner embellisher. Decorate your way to a beautiful object brimming with sparkle and ready to display using a simple, non-sewing technique. You'll learn to rely on the repetitive flow of shapes and colors to create this easy-to-make but visually complex object. This project is fabulously fun and the result is magical!

Skill level: All levels.

Vineyards Kathy McNeil

VineyardsYou can't come home without a vineyard! Bring this landscape keepsake home to remind you of our amazing cruise. Kathy will share the secrets of creating depth and perspective through simple tricks of fabric selection. Learn to use paint crayons to add highlights and shadows. Once you learn Kathy's tips it is easy to make your landscapes look like paintings. All the pieces in this scene have been traced and fused to all of the different fabrics. Because the prep work is done for you, expect to get this top done on our cruise. We will finish with a discussion on quilting to enhance the textures and contours. Connsider adding a wine glass to your border. I will show you how!

Skill level: All levels.

Playing With Gaudi Rosa Rojas & Olga Gonzalez

Playing with GaudiBeing from Spain, Rosa and Olga have a fine appreciation of Spanish architecture. They say "Gaudi is a genius of architectural modernism. In this class we will play with modernism in architecture. We shall give shine to the house's façade, a shine that changes color depending on the light reflecting on the quilt. Those flashes of light will breathe life into the façade. We shall give shape and dimension to a balcony and it's shutters and rekindle architectural modernism and the delicate relation between life and the architectural elements in the genius' work. Apliquick introduces us to this game with architec-ture!" What better way to bring home a keepsake of your trip visiting their home country! A kit will be available for this class.

Skill level: Confident beginner to advanced.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020 9:00 am - 3:30 pm; Lunch Break from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Class Title Instructor
Sixty-Thirty Paula Nadelstern

Sixty-ThirtyTRUST ME: This class is not about math and it is not only for people who enjoy being fastidious. It is both a product and process class that is extremely satisfying and simple, concluding in the creation of a unique and fabulous kaleidoscope block. Although the block looks complex, it is made from only 2 different fabrics. In this class, you will learn about symmetrical fabrics and explore the possibilities offered by complex textiles. You will learn a very simple, intuitive, no-MATH technique to draft pretty perfect angles. Often effects more wonderful than you imagine occur, making you both the one who makes the magic and the one who is surprised.

Skill level: All levels.

Nordic Designs: Intro to Paints, Inks and Art Media for Quilts Kathy McNeil

Nordic DesignThis playful art sampler workshop will introduce you to the joys of using different art mediums to enhance your quilting projects. Kathy will demonstrate metallic Tsukineko inks, Ink tense pencils, transparent water color paint crayons for shading, opaque paints, alcohol/Sharpie markers and foiling. Practice painted appliqué on your pre-printed Nordic Design panel. We will discuss how best to use each of these wonderful options on your next quilting project!

Skill level: All levels.

Mimosa With Apliquick Rosa Rojas & Olga Gonzalez

Mimosa With ApliquickApliquick does it all! In this class, join Rosa and Olga in working with texture using the new Apliquick technique. With Apliquick the velvet hexagons will be perfect, and so will the curves and Leaf points! You will play with textures like silk, velvet and cotton, and bring a magnificent mimosa branch to life! Join Rosa and Olga for a super fun and relaxing day at sea as you begin this quilt in class and learn the techniques to complete it at home! A kit will be available for this class.

Skill level: Advanced beginner and beyond.

Class notes: Holding a quilt seminar on a cruise ship is a unique experience. Sometimes there are space and time challenges that prevent our being able to be "project oriented" and we must concentrate more on process. It is very unlikely that you will have an absolutely finished project at the end of a class. It is helpful if your expectations match these realities. But regardless of how far you are able to progress, our instructors are professionals—some of the best in the quilting world—and we know you will learn many new techniques and have a wonderful experience!